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Whether it's a teary documentary like Gen Silent or a web series about Queer Ghost Hunters,

we've got something for everyone.   All free.  All weekend

Gen Silent,  Documentary,  The LGBT generation that fought hardest to come out is going back in the closet to survive in their old age.   Trailer and more info...

Reel In The Closet,  Documentary,  LGBT history through the home movies of queer people who documented there everyday lives dating back to the 1930s   Trailer and more...

Queer Ghost Hunters (Hunting Queer Ghosts),  Web docu-series (mocu-series?), A team of LGBTQIA... friends finding queer ghosts and lots of lost queer history  Trailer and more info...

Trip to Hell and Back,   Documentary Short,  A famous horse trainer leads a double life as crystal meth dealer.  


Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure,   Documentary Short, A life-long romance that begins in 1952 when a sergeant and his commanding officer confront the troops in their unit about their fling.  POSTING SOON!

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